(Originally Published in Biscayne Boulevard Times. December 2004)

If you’re like me, you have tried yoga and meditation a few times and never succeeded in making it a long-term commitment. You may have attended a yoga class and watched as others effortlessly moved into awkward positions while you struggled and sweated to do the same. When you tried to meditate, perhaps you sat still for ten minutes without your mind racing, but then you remembered something you forgot to do and you were up and out of your lotus pose to get it done.

We’ve read about the benefits of these practices in health magazines and books, so why is it so difficult for us to do them? For many years, I was beating myself up thinking I didn’t have the will power or the dedication it required to do yoga and meditation. I visited many different teachers in several types of locations and never found the experience I was looking for. I just assumed that those practices were not for me.

All of my confusion and hopelessness vanished, however, after one session of Kundalini yoga with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa from Golden Bridge Yoga in Los Angeles, CA. Gurmukh presented several workshops at the OMEGA Inspiration Conference in Miami from October 29-31, 2004. For nearly three decades students around the world have sought her classes in Kundalini yoga, meditation, and pre- and post-natal care.

Kundalini yoga, unlike other forms of yoga, is a very movement-oriented practice with a lot of waving of arms, jumping up and down and shaking all over. Sine the practice is done with your eyes closed, you can make a total fool out of yourself and no one can see you do it. The movements are specifically designed to help you ‘move’ all the toxins out of your body and push through any resistance or blocks you are facing in your life.

Although it sounds like just another intellectual explanation of how yoga works, detoxifying your body before you try to meditate actually turns out to be the most significant missing piece for me in the meditation puzzle. Many forms of toxins, including muscle tension, negative thinking, heavy metals, alcohol, drugs, and so on, are stored in your body. The more toxic you are the more you will struggle with a restless mind, a stiff body and unpleasant emotions.

During the Kundalini yoga, I could see and feel the toxins in my body with total clarity. The movements brought up all my resistance, fears, emotions and stress just as Gurmukh promised. I realized that the toxins in my body kept me stuck in the same negative patterns and prevented me from achieving the peace of mind I desired. The movements, however, helped me to release those toxins and push through to a place of serenity and well-being.

After I finished the practice, my mind was still and I could finally meditate. The yoga experience created a clear purified internal environment for me. When I looked around, it was as if a wasteland of barren land had been transformed into beautiful Japanese gardens. I felt like I had a new body and a fresh new reservoir of creativity and beauty within me.

This experience of Kundalini yoga helped me to discover that only after you have detoxified what you already carry in your body-mind-spirit can you commit to stop repeating old behaviors and fill yourself with love instead. This includes food, habits, people, thoughts, addictions, environment and more. Practicing this amazing technique, has given me a renewed sense of commitment to keep my inner space clean and protected and inspired me to become a vegetarian.

If you are still searching for a practice to help you release tension, calm your mind and enhance your creativity, give Kundalini yoga a try. It may surprise you as much as it surprised me.

For more information about Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, please visit her website at She has an excellent video about Kundalini Yoga available for purchase on her site.


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