What is Holistic Healing?

Many of us don’t understand our bodies any better than we understand the inner workings of a car or computer. We spend way too much time stuck in physical or mental pain. We apply many of the wrong solutions before we find the right one. Sometimes we just ignore the problems all together and find ourselves in breakdown or burnout before we get help. It doesn’t have to be this way!


Holistic Healing is healing technology for the whole person; it provides information, tools and a customized approach for increasing health and happiness that is appropriate for anyone, anywhere, anytime. No exceptions.

If you learn the layout and language of the body, you can interpret hidden patterns and messages; understand symptoms and sensations, and quickly and easily overcome obstacles, illness or disease.

The body is laid out in a very intelligent way. There are a dozen physical systems that give us the ability to eat, sleep, laugh, cry, walk and run. There are mental structures that allow us to think, learn, believe, dream and imagine. And there is a complex energy network that surrounds and penetrates the body, making us alive and alert. We have to educate ourselves about our bodies – from both an Eastern and Western perspective – so that we understand the function and purpose of our parts. We also have to develop the capacity for deep listening so we can decode the subtle messages that we receive from the body. The body speaks in temperature, contraction, popping, crackling, burning, and so on. The location, intensity, onset and circumstances around these sensations matter; all of these patterns give us clues as to what is really going on and what we need to do to restore balance so that we can be healthier and happier.


Before there were pills for every problem, there were natural means to restore health such as food, water, movement and meditation.

 One of the ways that Holistic Healing differs from allopathic medicine is that we don’t try to mask or eliminate symptoms; we try to understand what is causing the symptoms and what area of our life needs to be restored so that the symptoms don’t keep returning. This approach is Holistic because is takes all aspects of our life into consideration — relationships, work, environment, stress and so on. Once we discover where there is imbalance, then we can restore balance by using practical and natural tools such as mindful stress-reduction, eradicating limiting beliefs or making healthy lifestyle choices.   There is no one-size-fits-all in Holistic Healing; no standardized diet, no universal exercise or meditation plan. Holistic Healing is specific, personal and customized; it requires transformation in order to be effective.


As we travel along the path of Holistic Healing, applying the right intervention at the right time can accelerate the transformation process and help us to heal faster.

I’ve tried a lot of the wrong interventions over the years for physical and mental difficulties. You can only take Advil so many times before you end up creating more problems than you are solving. Holistic Healing has hundreds of interventions from Ayurvedic herbs to Zen retreats.   Knowing when and how to apply these interventions is critical.  It’s also important to know whether or not the interventions are appropriate, safe and effective. Sometimes when are using a new treatment, we are going to feel worse before we feel better – it’s important to know the difference between a bad treatment and a treatment that is challenging us and making us stronger.   Some of that is trial and error, but in order to remove as much of the confusion as possible, you should have an experienced guide to get you through it.

me at body local

Most of the clients that I’ve worked with in the past 10 years have chronic pain or chronic illness which means they’ve been stuck in destructive patterns for a long time.  They visit many different practitioners and try many different tools but they can’t find a way out.  Holistic Healing helps them to break out of those patterns and find effective solutions so that they can be healthy and happy again.

To learn more visit: http://gabriellepelicci.com 

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