Not Your Daddy’s Medicine


Choosing to heal yourself using natural or holistic medicine is an act of rebellion. Why? Because it’s not the dominant form of medicine in the world.   You’ve been taught that you need a doctor to treat you and medicine to heal you. Yet, for thousands of years, people all over the world have been using food, herbs, meditation, and other forms of self-healing to cure illness and prevent disease. You’re probably thinking: “Yeah, but that stuff isn’t proven by SCIENCE.” (If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard this, I would be living on my own personal island in the Caribbean).

First of all, that’s not true. We have more published research about these things then you could read in your lifetime. Second, since when did Science replace Jesus as the omnipotent force of the universe?   I hate to break it to you, but science is not infallible nor does it know everything about the body, mind and medicine. Just a few weeks ago, scientists discovered that there are lymph nodes in the brain. Previously, they believed that there were no lymph nodes in the brain. Now they have to change every medical textbook that has been published in the past 100 years because all of those books are wrong!   And this happens all the time. But you don’t hear about it because the medical sector has so much money, so much influence and so much power, that most people think that they can do no wrong.

I have been seeing patients for 15 years that are searching for alternative solutions to drugs and surgery. Some of them have been wounded by the medical system – a botched surgery, addition to prescription medications, etc. Some of them have been turned away by doctors because there are no “medical” solutions to their illness – chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc. Luckily, there are many things that I can offer to these individuals that can reduce their pain, manage their illness, improve their quality of life – and sometimes cure their disease. I don’t make wild and false claims about Alternative or Holistic medicine. I would never advise you to do meditation if you were having a heart attack. There are some things that the medical sector does really well – stitching you up when you cut yourself, taking out your appendix before it ruptures, giving you an antibiotic for a staff infection. But there are some things that are better left in YOUR hands. You can meditate to reduce stress. You can eat vegetables to reduce inflammation in your joints. You can drink ginger tea to settle an upset stomach. You can do exercise to improve your immune system and disease resistance. And a MILLION other things that your doctor never tells you.

My father was a doctor (hence, the inspiration for the title of this piece). He was a neurologist and psychiatrist. He graduated top of his class in college and had a full scholarship to medical school. He was a fanatical doctor – the equivalent of a suicide bomber doctor. Every time I sneezed, he gave me an antibiotic.   When I had headaches, I was sent for MRIs. When I had stomachaches, I was given GI-Scopes. He believed with all his heart that everything and anything could be discovered, diagnosed, and treated with western medicine. And he had zero training in any holistic modalities such as massage, mediation, nutrition, yoga, herbs, and so on.

He expected me to become an MD and follow in his footsteps. He wanted me to take over his neurology practice when he retired. He was so pissed when I decided to go the holistic route instead.   For the first 5 years or so of my career as a massage therapist, he ridiculed my practice and said that I “rub people for a living.” When I became a vegetarian, he laughed at me and said that I eat “grass” for food. Then, when I did my PhD in Transformative Studies and wrote my dissertation about Women Healers, he said that I didn’t do a “real” degree and asked me who was going to hire me to teach “that stuff that nobody understands.”

Needless to say, I continued to pursue my passion. I’ve taught hundreds of students about Holistic Health, and saw thousands of patients who appreciated my services. I was moved to tears countless times by the beautiful students and clients who shared their stories of transformation with me. And at the end of his life, when he was dying of cancer that had started in his esophagus and spread to his liver and his brain, he finally told me that he was proud of me and that there were “many ways to help people with their pain” and that he wished he had paid more attention to his own health.   It was a bittersweet victory to hear his confession.

In a recent appearance on MSNBC, I stood up on a stage and told the world that I want to share Holistic Healing tools with as many people as possible. I want these resources to be easily accessible and affordable to everyone. I want to de-mystify natural and alternative practice so that you have the freedom to choose your medicine and you are empowered to take you health into your own hands. The body and mind have incredible self-healing capabilities. You can tap into that power and experience more health and happiness than you’ve ever imagined.

It was my own act of rebellion to choose this path. It took deep courage for me to diverge from the medical route that my father intended for me. It was terrifying to get up in front of a huge audience on national TV last month and announce my intention to keep doing this work, continue spreading the word about Holistic Healing. But the response has been nothing short of miraculous. Investors have reached out to say that they want to fund my initiative. Integrative doctors have reached out to say that they want to teach on my platform.   Former colleagues have contacted me to ask how they can support this cause. I am so grateful for the support!

I don’t know HOW to build this platform but I know I WILL do it. I am called to do it and the world is ready for it.   Holistic Healing may not be the dominant form of medicine in our world, but it deserves its rightful place at the table with all the meds and technology and western science that we have adopted.   I’m a believer in — and practitioner of — the power of transformation. I believe we can do this – and with your support, we will build it together.

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